Brittney Semanick 


It all started when...

I came home from Indiana University for a weekend visit my senior year of college and I stepped on the scale. I couldn't believe what I saw....155 pounds! I was in disbelief. The Freshman 30 happened to me, but I was a SENIOR getting ready to go out into the real world! What would be my excuse? All the college parties and late night drunk eating were about to come to an end. I had to take CONTROL and make a POSITIVE CHANGE and FAST! I began by journaling everything I put into my body to become aware of portions and gain control of my mind and body! Next on the list was hitting the treadmill! Shortly after that I began the weight watchers program which I never even paid for! I used my resources, did all the research on my own, and got my hands on some amazing weight watcher cookbooks

It has been 3 YEARS since that day I stepped on the scale and I still continue to write in my food journal and find myself breaking a sweat almost every day, not to mention being down a whopping 30 POUNDS !!! 

 Now let me go ahead and throw this out there...I have never been "THE SKINNY GIRL" and truthfully I have never had the desire to be. To me, STRONG and FIT is the new BEAUTIFUL and SKINNY.  I like to go out for drinks, have fun, and I never deprive myself of anything that I want and love in life! I will even admit that Taco Bell is my guiltiest pleasure! At the beginning and end of the day it is important to always remember that CONFIDENCE is KEY and will go a long way! And news flash: CONFIDENCE is SEXY! Even at my heaviest I was never ashamed to put myself out there and still be me and you shouldn't either! You have nothing to be ashamed of. Life is so short and you only live once!  Follow me on this JOURNEY of getting FIT while still being able to BREATHE and LIVE a GUILT-FREE LIFE.


XoXo, Brittney